So I have an update. So my left shoulder has avascular necrosis and is partially collapsed but because of decompression surgery it's not in very much pain so we are are able to wait to get a shoulder replacement. However, we have known this for a couple months now, but just this morning I got a call telling me the results of the mri I got of my right shoulder because of the pain it's in. Apparently my right shoulder also has avascular necrosis but it's way worse than my left. It is over 50% decayed and almost fully collapsed and is in severe amount of pain every second of everyday. I have a doctors appointment coming up with my shoulder doctor so I'll get his opinion but I also wanted to ask some of you who have some experience with it. I know shoulder replacements can help stop the pain which I really need but I'm only 17 and I know they don't last long and I don't want to loose both of my arms. So what should I do?? How do I stop the pain because I can't do anything anymore without pain. I can't scratch my back, I can't pick up a glass of water without pain, and I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in months because I can't lay on either side without lots of pain. What should I do?? I can't live like this anymore

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