What's your tolerance for alcohol like? Even if I only have a small bit, I get super lethargic and nauseous. Do you think this may be related to the POTS?


acute lethargy

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • aly724


    I get migraines from only 1 drink. Rum is the only drink I can him

  • wise


    I have POTS but I'm also Irish and you can tell by my alcohol tolerance 😂 I could out-drink my 6'3, 325lbs dad, who doesn't even have a huge tolerance, he's just a huge man lol. Idk that POTS and alcohol tolerance are related, but I could see a correlation between POTS patients and low alcohol tolerance

  • Leaf98


    I absolutely have these issues and no tolerance with alcohol and it makes me flare more easily I've noticed if it's hard liquor but I can usually have a beer with no issues I've also been told to stay away from alcohol and caffeine and I do my best 😅 so I'd say just be very cautious with it

  • honeyscape


    My tolerance is incredibly low. I have made the decision to not drink anymore, minus the occasional sip just to try something. I have the same problem with caffeine, so I'm a decaf girl now 😂

  • Nugget98


    I can have maybe half a glass of wine before I start feeling it. I definitely think it’s a POTS thing

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