I'm worried I'm getting hooked on my Adderall but life is so stressful right now that I can't afford to slow down (mom recovering from a second major surgery and I have 4 months left of grad school). How can manage the shakiness and survive the next few months before I'm off it for good?



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  • Pry


    For sure make sure you are eating and drinking plenty since Adderall suppresses appetite and its easy to forget! Then the dehydration and what not sets in and adds to my shakiness 10x more than normal.

    • RedHeadedStranger


      it's really hard to force myself to eat with the wellbutrin combining with the Adderall. I've lost practically 20lbs the last 6 weeks since I've been taking the Adderall daily instead of like once a week

  • Tastycupcakes


    It's important to remember that it was prescribed for a reason~ When someone needs a wheelchair, it's not seen as a bad thing, it's just someone using a tool to make their own life easier. Pry mentioned making sure you eat and drink and that should help with any shakes!

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