How do you deal with a really bad breakup? I’ve been with the same person for 5 years, but for circumstances out of our control, we are having to separate. We’ve been trying to talk through it, but both of us are too hurt to be able to process. We both suffer from clinical depression. He has been my best friend for 6 years, and now it’s ending. It hurts like Hell.


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  • Perfectionist27


    Maybe consider therapy together or taking a break instead of having to break up

  • Jello


    I am going thru the kind of the same. We were together a year. I love his kids so I was trying to help out with them. But after the last month, I have to just stay away. I know from my past. When you try to stay just friends that doesn’t work because of the feelings and seeing some other girl call or text him it kills you. I am having to stay away. Not talk, not text, but find to other people to talk to about anything but your ex and the break up.

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