how did you get your A1C down?

Diabetes Type 1 (T1D)

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  • Natricka


    Getting a Dexcom was super helpful in helping me know when I was in and out of range and just increasing excercise and going on walks after meals

  • KayKay


    Dexcom G6! After I eat I usually go out and walk down my street for like 5 minutes I'm not the exercise person but I do get out. Well as Type 1 Diabetics we need carbs because insulin, but eating less carbs like 45 a day helped me with my glucose being fine and brought it down. This is just my personal experience and advice.

  • Dani_Girl


    I didn’t get a dexcom, but I got the Medtronic version. And my A1c went down 2 points right away. And now it’s down 4 points since I’ve learned how to use the information it gives me better.

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