This is for other women who are searching for diagnosis.... do you ever feel like providers don't listen to you bc you're a woman? Like they just see you as a woman with anxiety and think everything is in your head or that you're over exaggerating? I feel like I'm seen as a hysterical woman who wants attention or something. Do any of you feel that way?

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Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • WildCarnelian



  • PM


    Yes! Like people think you’re a hypochondriac and it’s all in your head. I started seeing a female rheumatologist 6 months ago and it’s made a huge difference! Invisible disease is such a burden. People have no idea.

  • rne


    luckily I have an amazing team of doctors, but at the very start of my journey it was rough simply advocating for myself. For almost a year I mentally thought I was fine and was overreacting, turns out i’m chronically i’ll and now take multiple meds

  • dan3


    100%!! Not just doctors either. Even people in my personal life: teachers, coworkers, friends, family. Took 2 doctors telling me something was wrong for people to take me seriously. Even then, I’m still being told it’s anxiety, allergies, and everything else under the sun.

  • KateTheGreat


    I have found many doctors to be dismissive and have been given the runaround. And I really believe they are more dismissive because I’m a woman . Seriously. And friends who are healthy just don’t get it . I’ve realized after 17 years of illness that they will never understand, so I limit my discussing it with them so I can avoid the eye rolls or unsolicited advice . It took me years to stop feeling resentful of their blowing me off . My best friend has fibromyalgia so she and I talk at length . She’s the only one who understands . I’ve had to advocate for myself with my doctors . I have a few really great ones but even they occasionally try to dismiss stuff and I have to force them to continue testing. It’s really frustrating. And disrespectful. I try to just keep informed and do a lot of research and ask a ton of questions.

    • Claire_James


      you’re not alone. I’m going through this same thing for over a year. I’m here if you ever want to vent or talk 💕 sending positive vibes

  • Ley


    Yes. I tell them my symptoms and all they want to say is they don’t think I have this so we aren’t testing or oh we don’t usually see this in young females( all lies). Still undiagnosed even with a positive autoimmune test. 😒🙄

  • ArtMom87


    Yes i recently got bloodwork which showed up positive for autoimmune disorder of some kind but now i have to figure out what. I asked my primary because i am having arthritis symptoms at 34

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