saw someone make a post about their special interests so i thought i’d throw some of mine into the mix. some of my biggest lifelong spins include nintendo (specifically kirby and splatoon), pokemon, old pc mmos (like club penguin, toontown, wizard 101, etc.), fnaf, steven universe, original powerpuff girls, ninjago, danganronpa, mirai nikki (future diary), and unfortunately minesweeper. hit me up if u wanna have an infodump sesh about any of these i’m very extroverted lol <3

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • MapleYes


    Wait wait wait I really really need someone to play Wizard101 with. I'm trying to level up my myth character and I never have anyone to play with.

  • ThickAndTired


    one of mine is nintendo too!

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