Do any of you guys work? because when I'm at work it's hard for me to not fidget, since I don't take any medication.

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

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  • cupcakenoodle


    Hey gracie! What do you mean by work! I work at a movie theater! Its a small part time job! And i totally get what you mean! I often pick at my nails if i dont fidget or just play with my hands. I know this is such a simple and probably not helpful thing. But, does your work allow you to carry things? Like do you have pockets? Mine does. I have my phone, pens, my card to long into stuff, and my fidget in my jean pockets at all times. When i am not actively doing something i take it out. Its small and not noticable. I also bring it to my college classes to use in my hands during lectures. I dont know if that is really helpful! But I hope everything is okay for you!

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