How do you handle panic attacks in a healthy way?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • kikimae


    Are you alone during these

  • Prinsess_Sofia


    Yes I am.

  • Kaylaaa


    For me, I use grounding techniques. My favorite is the 54321 where you tap into each of the 5 sense and bring you back to center. So to do this technique you start with a deep breath (as deep as you're able in the moment) then, look around and find 5 things you can see and really notice the details of each thing you can see and think about it for a few minutes. Then find 4 things you can touch like your clothes, a table, the floor, a blanket even. Just really feel each thing, notice the texture and feel. Then 3 things you can hear. This can be anything you may have going on in the background or you can make your own sounds! You could even play your favorite song, or just think of your favorite sound like a waterfall, nature sounds, etc. And notice how these sounds make you feel, really focus and listen to them. Then 2 things you can smell. This can be something you can actually smell or you can think of your favorite smells! And again focus on the smell and how it makes you feel. Then finally 1 thing you can taste. Same as before, this can be an actual taste if you have a snack or drink near by or you can think of your favorite food or drink. And sit with the taste and how it makes you feel. Once I get to the end, I'm much calmer to where I can take control and if I had a major panic attack I usually will go somewhere with low stim and continue calming down and do some deep breathing techniques. Hope this helps 🤗

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