should I change my medication and treatments over time?



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  • AlPal1993


    In my experience I feel like once you find the one, you know. At the start of my illness I has sampled through probably 7 or 8 antipsychotics, typical and atypical, I did a stint on two at a time including clozapine, and once I found zyprexa I haven’t learned back. I’ve been positive symptom free for 4+ years now and haven’t seen any diminishing effects from it. I’m sure for some people bodies get used to meds, but for me I think I’ve found the one

  • LaurelRose


    I've found that I've had to over time, but only because they stopped working properly. But I feel like after you find what works for you, stick to it until you can't. Don't give up until you have to.

  • Or


    You may need to it’s but not a requirement or a guarantee. If something isn’t working or a symptom is getting worse or is new or whatever you will probably need to change something. But, if all is fine, the meds are doing their job

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