how was the following year after your psychosis lifted?


Bipolar disorder with psychotic features

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  • chikienuggie


    It was so much better. It’s been 9 or so months into hypomania after having psychosis 9 months ago for a long time

    • chikienuggie


      It was like some miracle washed over me

  • Kretty


    It hasn’t totally lifted but it’s about 95% better than it used to be

  • LonelyInKC


    I had my last episode from august to October of last year. It probably started earlier but really ramped up then. Public disturbances, police, arrests and a couple of 5150s came along with it. Plus an eviction and a brutal assault in a St Louis psych ward. I’m currently going through a deep deep depression, struggling to make it through each day. I hate that I’m bipolar, and hate that the medications that are provided have severe side effects that immobilize me. So I pretend that everything is fine and try to work so I won’t return to homelessness. Life rn feels pointless but I hold on to the thought that there are many others in my situation who also feel ashamed and blame themselves for their condition. I pray for courage to forgive my past and stand firm and proud. That is what I am looking for: Someone who has had similar experiences yet proudly and lovingly lives their lives as a testament to all else who struggle. Loneliness is a stealthy killer, and we don’t have to be lonely because we are not alone 💜

    • Kretty


      I’m sorry about your experiences, I’ve been 5150 as well. First time was scary. It’s been a while since my last 5150, since November 2017. Keep taking your meds and be honest with your psychiatrist. Stay safe.

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