yesterday i started experiencing bad chest pain that kept me up most of the night and was still there when i woke up so i went to my Dr who agreed my hrt was way out of normal and skipping beats again and sent me to the er and specifically said i need blood work done and so i go to the hospital and as soon as I mention i have anxiety (with needles) they blame the whole thing on anxiety told me it's just a panic attack and refused to do blood work and sent me home with an anxiety medication. any tips on how to get Drs to take me seriously

Chest pain

Cardiac Dysrhythmias

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)



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  • Barrfamily


    Unfortunately theses days people won’t take u seriously unless u have insurance

  • Morgazee


    Idk if it's the same for everyone, but female doctors are the only ones who have taken me seriously and gotten me help. Could be a coincidence, but thats just my experience.

    • blue_boy03


      yeah I've noticed that too and the Dr that saw me was a guy

  • Amalee_


    I’ve seen this a lot recently, I think woman would take it more seriously while males would just like to diagnose you quickly. At least in my experience. I’m so sorry this has happened unfortunately it happens a lotz

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