I've been falling in and out of a depression cause i dropped out of school because I got sent into a depression when i was in school but now i don't have a degree and i feel like going to the high school i went to was a waste of time and money for the school.


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  • JaiJai


    I understand. I had to drop out of college because of mental health and I haven't been back. It's really hard because people put such an emphasis on schooling. But for some people it's not a reality they can survive or flourish in. I also struggle with depression because of both being in school and being out of school. I put so much on my worth on how well I could do in school that dropping out really had an impact on me. It's okay to be struggling with something like that.

  • Daretta


    Sometimes college isn’t the answer. Some people flourish in the trades. They definitely have a demand and are a lot of hands on instead of boring class work.

  • LadyTauriel


    Please don't beat yourself up over not finishing college. It's ok to take breaks. I dropped out 10 years ago and haven't finished my degree yet. I'm hoping to within the next couple of years. But it's ok to not finish yet.

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