So I have borderline personality disorder lots of emotions you know the drill and well I’ve been seeing this guy and he asked me to be his girlfriend I’m so so happy and cheerful and excited when he had to go home my chest was pounding so hard it toke a while to calm down I’m so happy but so scared because being in a relationship with borderline personality disorder is so scary especially if your with them long and you have so many of those emotions I’m scared he’ll leave me because bpd is a lot to handle we’re both Aries too does any one have any help ideas things they can say to support me or make me feel better

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  • poppygirl


    To be honest it’s going to depend on your partner. Dating with BPD is a bitch BUT if you have an understanding partner that knows the coping skills you need then it could work. I don’t want to discourage you, but Im keeping it real because I wish someone told me this. Please remember not everyone is capable of dating us, they have to be extremely understanding that our disorder will be present in the relationship and there is nothing special they can do to cure us. I was in a relationship for over a year and she was so understanding but ultimately she decided that it was too much for her and she needed to leave. It took me a long time to realize that what she did is okay, and that everyone has the right to leave us if it gets to be too much. Please please please try to keep your guard up. We are the only ones in the end that can protect our heart. This is so much easier said that done but it is something I wish someone told me.

  • Ashleejen


    Thank you and your right

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