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Tourette Syndrome (TS)

Generalized pain

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  • Knelle199


    To be honest I hate all of mine especially the should cracking and rotating one because when it really gets bad it can cause me a TON of pain yet can’t stop even if I’m working and I work with kids and a big fear of mine is because they bond with me that they’ll copy me but luckily they have never done that thankfully

  • Knelle199


    But I could see how for some people depending on the tic if it somehow is like massaging yourself etc or gives a rush or natural good feels chemicals why someone would have a favorite

  • Knelle199


    I mean I do feel relief after a while of doing it but I’m also causing pain to myself and can’t control it and hate it but that’s personally me. I’m sure there are others with different opinions

  • Knelle199


    With different opinions *

  • tobyz


    Hey! I love this question because it shows that there can be good sides of tourrets if you learn how to joke with it my favorite would have to be where I just yell "bibbleeeee" pronounced bibil idk if you've ever seen barbie fairy topias but thats where its from

  • perpetuallybroke


    Oh! I had one for a while that was a head jerk and I’d go “KACHOW” like Lightning McQueen 😂 I hadn’t seen that movie in over a decade prior

  • Olivia18


    This popping tic I’ve had the longest out of any other tic and it makes this satisfying and crisp noise that sounds exactly like when you’d pop a piece of bible gum. Or my exaggerated wink tic

  • indigokid


    Mine is "your moms gay and she's turning the frogs gay!"

  • CaptainTwitch


    My favorite is I tell squiggle finger. And wiggle my pointer finger like an inch worm.

  • Javen


    I used to have a tic where I'd just point at things and scream. It was quite funny but certainly made my throat sore after a while.

  • Milano1015385


    OMG I have one where I go, "grandpa's on pornhub" but I also like my "ooh gay" tic

  • Makintosh


    "ur moms gay!" "cock sucker!" and most of my other vocal tics are pretty funny. also when im driving i get nervous and tend to put my middle finger up at the windows when i stop

  • AceInkTale


    Press the Buttons!

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