I've been extra depressed lately. The last few years my meds have been working great. But then my husband lied again, with everything with George Floyd and the schools and now everything SCOTUS is doing... I don't even want to get out of bed. I feel like I'm failing my kids cuz I stay in bed for hours. I'm awake and answer their questions and am here if they need me but I just can't get up. What can I do to make myself just get up and do things? It doesn't help that I have no life, no friends and just do nothing all day.


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  • welpe


    I have to agree that the times are tumultuous and can exacerbate feelings of depression. I know it helps a lot of people to have someone/something dependent on oneself to provide some sense of purpose, but it's also natural to have those complex thoughts and feelings surrounding that. What I have found most helpful is tuning out news when at all possible/unplugging can be quite helpful to allow for our center to come forward. Setting a few small attainable goals can be quite helpful to get out of a rut, the goals can increase in size or number as you are able to successfully complete them. A lot of people find the feeling of success helps motivate them further. Also it can be helpful to have compassion/self-forgiveness when we undoubtedly fall down. It's just about getting back up and trying again (or trying another goal) and possibly coming back to it. Self-care it's also really key. Best of luck in your journey.

  • melancholy_myope


    I usually try to find one activity I want to do. Wether it's sitting outside on my steps in my jammies with coffee. Jamming out to my favorite songs. It's just so hard to get out of bed for things you don't want to do, try something you do love.

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