it's hard not being frustrated with myself for not having conceived yet. my boyfriend really wants to be a father, and I want to be a mother, but each time I start my period, and I tell him, I can't help but feel like a huge failure. maybe it's also a little bit of my depression, but it just seems so easy for everyone else. my PCOS symptoms are already very frustrating, but this fertility struggle is just an added pain. I don't know, I just needed to vent. I try not to let this bother me too much, but it hurts a lot.

Chronic Abdominal Distention

Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

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  • JuniperJune


    I know how you feel, every symptom is a hope that gets shut down with shark week. It's draining, emotionally, mentally, and even physically. I'm sorry for your pain, I'm here for you.

  • Nikki8822


    I can relate as well I'm 34 and baby fever is running rampant here.

  • Scoobnaturallobster


    I get that 100%. I am on a lot of meds due to my medical issues and therefore they have made me infertile along with my PCOS. Me and my fiancé tried to do fostering and I got denied because i would be main parent and my medical issues are that. An issue.

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