Maybe a stretch but anyone with Anxiety or PTSD ever hear voices?

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  • August19


    Yes, I do. I have anxiety, PTSD, Bipolar 2, Panic Disorder, and OCD, and I hear voices. Don't know which may cause it, or something else altogether.

  • frenchieLulu


    i had them when i first started treatment with my anxiety and depression but as those got better they went away! i was on a medication called Abilify for my first year of treatment!

  • BunnyLesbian


    i’ve heard them since the onset of my trauma and got a shiny stpd diagnosis for it, but i know ptsd can come with psychotic features.

  • z0mbit3


    I hear them constantly since I was a kid. And I'm sure it's PTSD related

  • MagicalManatee


    I hear voices but I think it’s something else

  • strawberrysoop


    yes, although i believe i have ptsd-related psychosis and schizophrenia

  • HarmonyLee


    I don't audibly hear voices but, in the past, with anxiety I have experienced inserted and intrusive thoughts that don't feel like mine. I shared this in group therapy once and realized it's actually fairly common as an acute / temporary thing. With more long-term it may benefit from a separate diagnosis. I also take Abilify and nowadays rarely experience this. I wish you so well.

  • Jenni_Star


    YEP! Especially if I’m stressed out or triggered for an extensive period of time. Sometimes when my anxiety is really high, I’ll even hear voices in my sleep that wake me up, I’ll go see who was calling out for me but no one is there of course 🤦🏼‍♀️ It’s embarrassing at times and very frustrating. I then get irritable, moody and restless which causes those around me to feel unsettled which stresses me out because I know it’s me and that makes me hear the voices more and… Ugh it’s just a terrible thing to deal with. I truly wasn’t sure if anybody else noticed a connection between Anxiety and PTSD and hearing the voices! I’ll hear footsteps and doors closing too sometimes. My psychiatrist and therapists from over the years say those are all called Auditory Hallucinations. Sometimes they are known as Anxiety Hallucinations but that is mostly in the mental health field. I’m not sure if having a name for hearing voices and such helps you out at all, I felt a little better knowing

  • logie


    I do actually sometimes I'll say something and my anxiety will say you're stupid how stupid could you be for saying that

  • scorp


    Definitely a CPTSD hallucination for me,

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