Is there any form of pubic hair removal that you recommend? Shaving gave me an outbreak, have been trimming with no outbreaks since but I want to permanently get rid of this hair.

Herpes Simplex

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  • lizziemay


    i wouldn’t do any kind of hair removal with an active outbreak…but electrolysis is the usual permanent hair removal method other than waxing which is more long term but still temporary

  • AlphaBravo


    Just plucked out the ones I don’t want. No tingling yet so I think I’m fine

  • Whamwhamwham



  • AlphaBravo


    Update: got a bad outbreak but not in the exact area I plucked?

  • Lilydove


    Omg…ugh I swear sometimes this is the worst part of HSV! 😂 I need to start a petition to make laser hair removal covered by insurance 😋

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