the last few years i’ve been dealing with not being able to distinguish emotions, like i cannot tell if something is romantic or just platonic and tend to lean more platonic myself, as i am scared of being in a relationship but the last year i’ve been talking to someone and they’ve expressed romantic feelings, and when it’s brought up, i immediately panic. is there anything i can do to help this anxiety around commitment?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • cloverbear


    Could you have unresolved abandonment traumas? I have/had those and whenever someone would present a genuinely romantic interest I would panic and end up pushing them away because I was scared and had anxiety from the unresolved traumas. Hope this helps💞

  • aunicorn


    I’ve been feeling the same way. Except I’ve always been a relationship person. Now suddenly I have aversion to relationships that I believe is related to recent traumatic events. I am super protective of my freedom and individuality lately as a result. But I’m personally fine with being single while I figure myself out with my therapist. I’m also learning that we don’t have to always be coupled up. Being on our own is just fine. Despite what family or society has taught us.

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