I deal with severe panic attacks that have been so bad that I hyperventilate and cause my self to pass out. anyone else deal with this.


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  • DottieDoe


    It took me alot to break down & go to my doctor... But, mine were becoming so debilitating... That I had to ! He put me on Buspirone & it has helped me tremendously !

    • Lilithann


      I'm on Ativan as well as Busporin and I still will have bad panic attacks.

  • Epiphany1968


    I had to go get meds because mine is very severe

  • sparklebudgie


    yes, i was doing that all the time even with an ssri for anxiety. i had to tell my psych provider about it and she upped my ssri and gave me a benzo to get me through. now i take it when i start feeling that way. i have anxiety about being addicted to it but at least this way i'm living my life

  • SarTee


    Yes! I now take ativan and vistaril. They help a lot, along with breathing techniques. If you focus on your in and out and controlling that part everything else seems to fall in line. Distraction also helps a lot.

  • SarTee


    To be clear I only use the ativan as a rescue med.

  • Missa526


    I take klonopin 1 mg once or twice a day. I also take CBD and mmj for chronic pain. The indica patches help with the anxiety. But the klonopin I take one at night because I wake up having panic attacks and I take 1 when I really need it, or half of one if it's not as bad.

    • Jadetealblu


      same. I’m on Ativan and I take it at night due to waking up with severe panic attacks. I hate that I have to take it but it gets me through. I also take pregablin and metoprolol for Heart rate elevations.

  • Lavalamp


    I have pretty severe panic attacks that almost resemble seizures and sometimes my family tries to restrain me a little to prevent injury. Meds can help or at least assist with symptoms. Personally I focus on distress tolerance techniques, self soothing, “redirecting” or shocking the nervous system with something like holding ice, cold water, ect. I’ve both written and over time formed a protocol for when one happens so that my boyfriend can help and so if I do find myself alone I can at least have something to hold me through until I get through it or until I can get more help. Hyperventilating is hard, deep breathing is usually one of the first advice given for panic attacks. I like to practice my “coping skills” or whatever technique I would use in a panic attack, I practice them even when I’m not in a crisis which helps when the attack happens; almost like muscle memory.

  • lynncin


    I was in a car accident and I still have panic attacks but I learned how to help them I have a few tricks

    • kittylover17


      could you please tell me what your tricks are

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