It's been a week since visiting the emergency room for intense bowel pains and bloody stool, and I still havent been able to eat anything nutritious without immense pain/ discomfort. The doctors said colon is inflamed but they don't know if it's an infection or a disease. So far, we've been treating it like an infection with antibiotics twice a day but the pills are making me nauseous and lose my appetite. Long story short: somebody please suggest something to eat before I keel over and have to nibble on saltines.

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  • Colwall


    Hi! I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been in pain. I was recently diagnosed with UC and was in the hospital earlier this week / have had bloody stool and the works as well. I have found oatmeal and refined white carbs are the best to settle my stomach when in flare. Bananas, avocado, lean meats and potato including sweet potato work for me too. I think everyone is different and unfortunately it’s a bit of trial and error. Be kind to yourself and know you will get through this!

  • Kelney


    Bland foods: banana, plain white rice, applesauce and toaste. Research BRAT diet

  • CmcC


    Sometimes the hospital can prescribe nutrition drinks when you are having a flare up. There is a brand called fortijuice which are really easy to drink and get you your calories in! Hope you start to feel better soon ❤️

  • PennyPenelope


    This sounds a lot like my visit to the doctor. While my symptoms less severe now. I eat Meat: Salmon, Catfish, chicken Veggies: Spinach, Asparagus,sweet potato and white potato Carbs: Rice and multigrain bread Grain: Rice and oatmeal Snacks: Activia, apple sauce, oranges, gushers( idk if you can handle that) gluten free deserts Drinks: Water, Hot Tea, Lemonade

  • tummytrubs


    Potatoes are a godsend. Also, bone broth! I am generally vegetarian but when I am flaring, I drink bone broth and it goes down easy while giving me nutrients.

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