I feel like no medications are ever going to work for me to help my anxiety. It’s so severe and nothing has given me relief to be able to live my normal life. I can barely handle being in my college classes to the point I skip a lot, I can’t work a job because it gives me panic attacks. I’ve been through so many. Citalopram, escitalopram, trintellix, Buspirone, abilify, gabapentin, geodon, and now Effexor and Ativan. Should I just give up on trying prescription medication? I’m becoming convinced nothing will work for me.




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  • SamTrask


    Clonazepam works for my panic. Lexapro, Lamictal, Propranolol and a lot of CBT, ACT and adjustment helped me. Maybe look into TMS. Keep hanging on.

    • Raven_Wine


      clonazepam did make my mom have a lot of issues she got super mean and was not herself Ik it’s different for everyone but just sharing a experience

      • SamTrask


        that’s good input. I think I’d add to that with it’s important to make sure you have a support group that can help assess how treatments are affecting you. Also, benzos are not the best for long-term if possible.

  • Crazycatlady100


    I know it's stressful, but it is ok to say "that's not ok with my body." I would recommend therapy, or learning healing techniques. Some of the anxiety is just lying thoughts, and my best advise is always your thoughts are lying to you, you are ok, and to breath,.... in thought the nose out though the mouth "ahhhhhhhhhh" gl 😊

  • Mischa94


    Clonazepam only made me sleepy, I'm on lexapro now and it works pretty well!

  • sagekit


    I have had almost every single anxiety med that they make, been on two different ssri meds and a few other ptsd meds none of it helped long term. I finally found that what worked best for me was addressing the hormone imbalances i had. I still get panic attacks and anxiety but it's MUCH more manageable and I've been off of all meds except a single hormone birth control pill for almost two years now.

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