Do any of you question the validity of your symptoms? Sometimes I wonder if everyone goes through headaches/joint pain/ stomach aches and I should learn to deal with it. But in my mind my body should work for me (not punish me) and it’s never felt that way. I’m just saying my life isn’t miserable so sometimes I feel guilty getting treatment or speaking up.


Chronic Headache


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  • lily234


    Of course you can speak up about symptoms.

  • Avaria


    With people with hypothyroid we are prone to a lot of other conditions that come with it. Those could also be underlying conditions that you might not know you have. Mine displayed as a headache and I still struggle with fatigue. And further hormonal testing I found out I had pcos as well. And also elevated cortisol levels that add to stress. Pcos and hypothyroid often go hand in hand in women. My thyroid medication helps with managing my headaches but my joint pain and fatigue still aren’t fixed.

  • robinanderson30


    You should always speak up. It can be frustrating to have these issues but when you speak up you might find resources to help you understand and deal with it better!

  • Kelbelz


    I feel the same way. I also have a hard time when doctors ask me how I feel. I feel like it’s a trick question. If you say not good then you look crazy but if you say okay then you’re chalked up to not being sick.

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