I’m so glad to join this group of Alikes. Has anyone been dealing with numbness, tingling, swelling and pain in arms. It starts what feel like nerve pain under the arm and down the inner arm to elbow , then numbness, pain and swelling in forearm wrist and fingers. I do have carpal tunnel and that brace helps a bit, but I’ve been snatched out of my sleep with pain and swelling. It only lets up when I’m standing and moving. I can’t be in a laying position. I can go on and on about this. Imma stop and see if I get any likes😀

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

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  • TrixNY


    Yes…. Ugh, it’s terrible. Mine is more in lower arms, wrist, and fingers, but yes. Sometimes it’s a strange tightness from swelling/inflammation, it hurts to move, I feel so stiff, and my range of motion in my wrists gets very limited. At night, I have to change sleep positions often because I lose feeling in my arms and hands or, like you said, wake up to a deep, intense pain, like someone just stabbed me with a hot poker in my forearm. 😥 I probably need to see a vascular specialist but I already have so many ‘ists’ …

  • jestedjoker


    Absolutely I have it in all extremities sometimes all at the same time definitely not enjoyable

  • MushroomFern


    I get this too, a lot in my joints. Putting something hot on my joints tends to help the numbness. Like a heating pad or taking an extremely hot bath.

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