Do you or anyone you know with BPD have a service animal? Not emotional support, but a trained service animal? I believe I would benefit from deep pressure therapy when I’m spiraling. I also have a really bad self harm issue that I have had little success controlling. I don’t cut, I hit/bite myself, hit my head on things, throw myself into a wall…etc…really harmlful and frankly embarrassing. I was wondering if a service dog could help with these things. Is it a realistic idea? Is it worth it? Pros and cons?

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  • myo


    i have a SD! he’s very helpful. while he is more medical alert than anything, he’s trained in SH interruption and grounding tasks

  • Harrypooter


    Hey there! I just wanted to say you’re not alone. I have BPD also, and I often feel like I can’t control for urge to sh when I’m not able to control strong emotions. I do a lot of the similar things, please don’t feel It is unreasonable to want a service dog. Whatever you feel could help in this journey friend, you should feel liberty to do so.

  • esh


    Thanks guys! I’m going to talk to a professional about looking into getting one!:)

  • sprite


    i’ve never thought of this! i do the exact same with hitting and biting myself and hitting my head on things when i’m in an emotional episode, and it’s never occurred to me that a service animal or even an emotional support animal could help with that. i totally understand the embarrassment because my episodes often happen in public or outside of my house, and that embarrassment only makes me feel worse afterwards when i already feel so drained. i feel like a dog could probably stop that in its tracks and save me so much more suffering. i’m sorry i’m no help, but thank you for getting me thinking about this! i hope that something helpful comes of this for you :)

  • esh


    I’m so glad you have been able to think about a solution for your SH! I know exactly how you feel, and I’m glad to know I’m not alone💜

  • DumbJock


    Such a smart idea…. I’ve been able to stray from sh lately but I’ve noticed my dissociative episodes are getting so bad and I think an SD with grounding techniques can help. Thanks for the idea!

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