What's something I can do to help me ovulate I have pcos and I am trying to concive


Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

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  • TurtleRose


    When my husband and I were ready (as we possibly can be) we asked the opinion of all my Drs then went to my woman's care Dr. He had known me for at least 10 years and knew my medical issues. He asked if we understood the risk and all that. Then he asked if I would be willing to take another med. I agreed. He said this isn't what the med is for but the biggest side effect is pregnancy! It worked, I did have generational diabetes with my second child and was diagnosed with diabetes soon after my youngest. It was metformin. Definitely should talk with your Dr. There is also a website but atm I don't remember the name I was watching a true crime podcast by Kendall Rae or The Mile Higher podcast

  • BumbleBeez


    I can’t say for certain: but therapy to reduce stress + reducing added sugar + reducing dairy + reducing meat + eliminating processed grains + antidepressants + licorice root tea (estrogen booster) + taking the supplements my body needed… maybe that’s what it was? ❤️

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