Has anyone else lost someone they love to suicide? What is a way to try and cope better? I have tried talking to my loved ones, and therapy but I feel as though I am alone.


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  • LovelyMads


    Hi, love. I'm new to this and not great with advice. But I lost someone who was like a brother to me from suicide. And I felt so much pain and guilt for a long time, and even now it creeps up on me. The only thing I can tell you is to allow yourself to grieve, try not to contain all of your feelings although it is terrifying sometimes. It's not your fault, even if you feel it is. I'm sure that person loved you dearly. The way I cope is breathing exercises, and I've created a happy place in my mind that I go to. But you also have to let yourself feel, don't go numb or push those feelings back. I'm sorry your loved ones don't understand, and I hope you find someone who does ❤️

  • IndigoBro


    My twin brother, November 2021. Message me?

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