I haven’t been eating lately. I’ve gone through a stressful breakup and I don’t know how to cope. It could maybe be because I feel some guilt and I’m taking it out on myself. I have low blood sugar so it’s not good that I’m not eating. When I chew food, I start gagging and I can’t finish anything. I’m eating my favorite food rn and I was only able to take a couple bites because I feel nauseous. I also have an ear infection and haven’t been feeling good either. I am taking some medication that could be causing me being nauseous. I’m waking up at crazy hours throwing up; it’s not that I want to, but my body’s just forcing me to do it. My shorts are getting loose on me and my body feels so different. Is it possible that I could have an eating disorder?

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  • galaxysedqe


    i'm so so sorry ur dealing with all that rn 💕💕 based on the factors u listed it doesn't sound like an eating disorder tbh, but i would still keep an eye on it. heartbreak will completely take away ur appetite, i remember not being able to eat solid foods for a full week after my last breakup. like u said, ur meds could be making it worse and adding extra nausea to the equation. u are also sick rn, inner ear disturbances often cause nausea / affect ur appetite. if it continues longer than a week or two, i would STRONGLY suggest talking to ur doctor abt it. ik things are hard rn but i promise ur going to get thru this! my dm's are open if u ever need to talk 💕💕

    • Knotless1133


      thank you soo much 💗💗. My world just feels completely shattered. I have so much extra stuff going on that it’s overwhelming.

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