Other than meds, are there other treatments that might help me?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Zillah


    Well, I find doing something I enjoy doing immensely helps. Like I am in college and I can do an assignment on my phone while watching the lecture video on my Ipod at the same time.

  • ___


    If you can get in to see a therapist that can help! I’ve also heard that exercise can help with ADHD. I don’t exercise much but my friends with ADHD does and she says it helps her to exercise every day right in the morning. Also, for me I can’t function as well if I don’t sleep enough so it might help if you can try to make sure you sleep enough. I’ve found a lot of good tips from HowToADHD on YouTube, you could check her out too. I’m sorry if you’re struggling right now, I hope you feel better soon<3

  • Dhadhu


    I exercise and pay attention to healthy eating as well as plenty of sunlight. Plus apps to keep track of time and my habits. I take medicine(I just started recently) but all of them help me keep my dose low and keep my mood and energy balanced. I exercise first thing in the morning to set a positive mindset for the day. And I have a nutrition counselor who helps me control my food habits and to make I eat balanced instead of processed foods. It helps me alot actually.

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