recently I put on a lot of weight because of medicine I'm on and the fact that I was alone during the scariest time of life which was walking pneumonia and a mild double ear infection. I need some tips for weight loss

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  • Cyprus87


    I’ve been using Noom, which is basically a weight loss program that uses psychology for weight loss as opposed to dieting. As we know, dieting isn’t typically sustainable. Some good tips I’ve gathered from the program are that operant conditioning can play a major role in weight loss, such as rewarding yourself for completing a certain milestone (positive reinforcement). It also helps to focus on calorie density, which is basically the number of calories in a serving of a food divided by its mass in grams. The lower the calorie density, the better for you it will be, as the same amount of calories will make you feel fuller a lot more quickly. Think foods with a larger content of water and try to eat foods with higher water content as opposed to those without it.

    • dragonknight


      thank you so much I'll try it out

  • Nikki03


    I've recently put on a lot of weight myself and don't know why. They say medicine but I've been on it for years.

  • PurplePenguinsPolka


    I've always been obese, and I have done countless research on this topic. I agree with above, having food with higher water content would be helpful. Eating more protein helps fill you faster and longer. Drinking plenty of water. Exercise is nice, but it's not for everyone and you definitely don't NEED it for weight loss. I think it has more mental benefits, personally.

  • Teardrops


    I have been in many diets and nutrition related healthy eating programs, GOLO, used online coaches to motivate me , personal development speaker, and surgical treatments to lose weight or as in the surgical procedures they were results of complications of a Weight loss surgery. I have lost some to a lot in a few cases but to have it come back sometimes with friends. I am a very picky eater which doesn’t help things. Nothing is an easy way out to losing weight. It was not put on overnight and won’t cover off overnight. Unless it’s like 3-5 pounds LOL. If you want to message me go ahead. I can suggest things. Be an accountability partner if you wish…. I am wanting to remove 60 pounds of regain Surgery, daily migraines, and being in deep dark depression have hint my ability to be active.

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