is it normal to need/want more than one counselor? I feel like I may need more intensive help but I don't want to hurt my counselors feelings as I've been working with her for years now.


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  • Rayrains


    Yes! I am in a similar situation, so it’s totally normal. Sometimes you just get to a place with the counseling relationships where you go “ I don’t have anything else to learn from you” and you just gotta go with your gut. 🙌 💕 And that’s ok :)

  • ashhh


    thank you, I appreciate that. I've been thinking about it for a while, she has been my counselor since I was 15 (I'm 18 now) and I absolutely love her and am grateful for what she has taught me but I'm starting to feel like our talks aren't as intense and deep as they used to be. I will talk to her when I see her next!

  • Kix


    I agree that you should talk to your current doctor first but it all boils down to what you need. They could be a great doctor and I understand not wanting to hurt their feeling but at the end of the day it’s their job to help you so if you feel like you need to add or change your therapy you probably do. Your mental health is your number 1 priority so they should know not to take it personally. But you should communicate your feelings and needs because maybe they can still help you and have just gotten complacent over the years plus it is hard to start over with a new therapist and there might be things they could still teach you. If not then it is time to move on.

  • Doglover25006


    All doctors therapists/counselors included work for the patient. Your needs come first and it sounds like your needs are not being met. I agree that you should bring these feelings up with your current counselor first, but if you feel changing providers is in your best interest the counselors feelings are not part of the equation. I’m not saying be rude to them but don’t sacrifice your mental well being for fear of their feelings about you leaving. They should want what is best for your health.

  • Chesbro99


    Super normal! They will understand and maybe even help you find someone

  • BunnyLesbian


    seeing a counselor and a separate therapist has been great for me. i see them both once a week and get both CBT and EMDR, which works perfectly for me.

  • Dante6197


    definitely. it was really hard for me to break up with my old therapist but i found one that really really helps. i moved to two sessions a week with her recently. you could always try that. if you think you need other outside help, talk with them about that. they would be happy to help.

  • Alexias


    Therapists don’t usually take things personally, at least in my experience. You can word it in a way that doesn’t make it sound like there is anything wrong with them, but that perhaps the other clinician has something better to offer!

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