Hey there, so my boyfriend and I have been together off and on for about 2 years now, and I just moved in with him two months ago. We just recently got kittens, and I recently just landed my dream job. But these past two weeks have been extremely rough as I was financially unstable for these past two months and sick so he's had to cover my medical bills and rent and such. He's been getting more and more stressed out as he's not sleeping well and working long hours and gets agressive whenever things go wrong or I try to have a conversation about his anger triggering me. and I'm not sure how to approach things in a healthy and calm manner without ending up crying and being triggered, yet again. We discussed going to couples therapy once the money from my new job comes in, but in the meantime does anyone have any advice or tips to make things work with my boyfriend?

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  • AverageT21


    I feel like you are both stressed maybe sit him down and tell him you noticed that hes stressed and make a plan to save up some money and do somthing fun together not expensive but go out and have a good day together my boyfriend and i have also been on and off some and he gets the same way but i love spending time with him and having a fun day together hope this helps a bit

  • GeneralBonkers


    Maybe start by writing out your thoughts and feelings. Develop a plan or a short list of things that are big triggers and ask him to do his best to avoid those while also providing a list of things that are more helpful in those situations. Maybe you can agree on a "safe word" type thing that calls a time out so you two can go to separate rooms and cope with your feelings/the situation before it gets out of hand. Give each other 15, 30, 60 minutes or whatever it takes to calm down. Have a way to acknowledge when both people are ready to call time in again or decide it's ok to interact but out the issue and discussion off until the next day or something

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