my childhood wasn't pleasant, but it wasn't nearly as bad as others. i feel like my "trauma" is ridiculous and unjustified. i feel like i'm being overly dramatic about it all, and pathetic...
i have so much wrong with me, and for what? i can't help but feel i did it all to myself. i can't even believe myself in my feelings. i feel stupid and like i'm a whimp.. and i don't know what to do..

Bipolar Disorder

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  • River711


    That is one thing I struggle with but as I've grown older and looked back on the past I've realized it wasn't me. You definitely aren't being overdramatic or did it to yourself. Trauma, big or small, can create huge impacts, especially as a kid. It's something you have to look back at and realize. Talking to people is hard but sometimes it works to sit down and just explain and ask them their opinions, if you have someone safe to talk about them with

    • dambi


      i'm starting a new therapist soon. i guess it's just hard as, i know someone who's been through much worse and, as far as i know of course, it hasn't affected them as bad as what i went through affected me. they can manage it better i should say.

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