My doc prescribed me 5 mg of Lexapro for my anxiety. Side effects? Pros? Cons? Would love to hear from anyone that has/had taken this before

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Nausea and Vomiting


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  • Michael


    That category is good, but rakes 2 to 3 weeks to get up to the full effect of the dose. The biggest two issues were the body adjusting with a little nausea and tiredness. Unfortunately, in the SSRI category, I have also been on Paxil and Zoloft as well and all three had relational side effects.

  • Yourenderme


    It did not help with my anxiety but did wonders for my depression. I hear it helps a lot of others w/ it though. Took a full month to kick in. I think I had a little nausea/lack of appetite for a couple weeks but it went away.

  • Pushupsnpumps


    Give it time to kick in- you also may need a dose adjustment after a month or two if it isn’t the right amount. With anxiety and depression sometimes it takes a bit to find the right combo, so keep with it!

  • BumPancreas86


    Agree that SSRIs take awhile to adjust levels and then you may need to keep titrating up to find a therapeutic dose. Because serontin syndrome is real and dangerous, there’s no way to speed up the process, unfortunately. Your body has to adjust gradually to increased amounts.

  • Nik10


    An important issue of SSRIs is to start taking them gradually until finding the effective dose. It takes time until you feel an improvement in your condition. Maybe adding benzodiazepine will help you in the adjustment period. Regarding side effects, it’s difficult to talk about it, but I suffered from an issue in reaching orgasms since I started that drug...

  • fatoomph


    Nik10- trying to find alternatives because of that issue, and also doesn’t cause weight gain-it’s reallllllly challenging

  • brophie


    I like it better than most things that I’ve tried. I think that it helps regulate and lessen the amount of anxiety attacks. Although it doesn’t solve everything it does help with having more control over it.

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