just wondering if anybody with PV is having bone pain and joint pain. my thighs are always hurting and I have periodic joint pain in fingers, elbows, shoulders and hips. pain pills only lessen pain a little.


Chronic Generalized pain


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  • smokitcat


    Yes I get bone pain, with my PV, not as bad now that my doctor, has stopped my hydroxyurea,

    • Dug


      I'm on a 1000mg of Hydroxyurea. Keeps my hematocrit lower, so not as many phlebotomies, but doesn't help with the pain.

  • smokitcat


    I was only on 500 MG hydroxyurea, to keep my hematocrit below 45, and got the bone pain, now that I'm off hydroxyurea, if my hematocrit goes over 45, I have to have blood drawn. But at least the bone pains more or less gone.

  • Stacyda30


    I hurt all the time. My knees, ankles, and my neck hurt the most.

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