uhm, tbh not really sure what to put her. anxiety riddled. medicated. but still a wreck. looking for friends who understand or just friends in general.

anyone else have livid af dreams on Zoloft? cuz sheesh



Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • NonbinarySlytherin


    Anxiety Buddy! I've never been on Zoloft but I don't recommend Paxil.

  • Sally21


    I had livid dreams when I took seroquel for sleep. It was awful! I took it a week and stopped. I take Lexapro for anxiety and I have no livid dreams thankfully.

  • SassyPanda


    Don’t hesitate to message me, I have anxiety myself and I know it can be a struggle

  • chronicallysassy


    Hey!! Are you taking any other medications along with it? I’m on both Sertraline (zoloft) and Propranolol and I only started with nightmares after I started the propranolol. But I have had super realistic dreams for a while when only on Sertraline

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