I've been suffering on and off daily with tinnitus for 2 years. Has anyone found relief?


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  • dmick1980


    I just got used to it sadly lol

  • Kimberly1238


    No, I use noise machine at night. I have meniers disease.

  • Pushky


    I noticed when my blood pressure is high, my tinnitus gets louder. I also noticed difference in tinnitus intensity when my neck was not positioned good at night. On those days I get neck pain and headache. Also, sometimes loud tinnitus precedes a bad headache like a migraine. When I take migraine medications my headache gets better and so does tinnitus.

    • Omy


      very interesting, I get the tinnitus from my neck too especially if I am on the phone a lot. What kind of medication do you take?

      • Pushky


        for migraines I take NurTec

  • Orionson


    I am stunned to have learned over 20 million Americans suffer tinnitus and my audiologist and doctor have no information. Why does big pharma not have a plan? Their profits would be huge. I can’t meditate anymore and having a fan/filter going at night AND listen to Alexa playing ‘Liquid Mind’ ( try it - it’s really mellow music)

  • Tusto0220


    I have suffered from tinnitus for 51 years, at 16 I had a fire cracker blow up next to my ear, have just learned to live with it.

  • MissLucy_101719


    I think that finding the cause (if you don't already know what it is) and treating that helps immensely. For example, mine is caused by Lyme and treating that is helping with the tinnitus

  • Gigig


    No hope for relief, 4 years everyday

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