I almost fell today on stairs because my hip and back started to give way, should I wait for orthopedics or no. I just don't want it to happen again while I'm holding my baby

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  • Rayyybies


    I dont have any advice but I hope you and your kiddo end up okay 💕 if your unsure, better safe then sorry! Could you call the doctors office you go to and ask if they think you should be seen sooner then your next appt?

    • Clairebear3


      I don't have a next appt, I need to call and make one but ortho is so busy and usually gets me in when I have an overlapping appt

  • ChronicIllnessBabe


    I would most def sit/scoot down the stairs until I had my ortho appointment! I’ve gone “down” (fallen) with my puppy in my arms and she was OK but I fractured my hip trying to make sure SHE was ok. I can’t imagine that happening with my own flesh child/baby in my arms. I feel for you. Please be gentle and careful with yourself and remember to go ~slowly~ you aren’t racing for anyone or anything your life or your babes may depend on it. So much love to you Claire!! 💕

    • Clairebear3


      I got an appt with ortho next Tuesday, I was going down my nanas outside stairs, they are unfortunately to low to the ground for me to get down to

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