I am a young woman who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last year after almost a decade of chronic pain and a lot of doctors. What are the holistic treatments y'all use?

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  • BaristaBabe


    Not sure if there is or isn't a protocol about whether or not I can share this, but for me, marijuana has helped me the most with pain. I am in a state in which it is legal even without a medical card, so obviously take that into consideration. Adjusting my diet has also been a game changer. I avoid gluten now, and have severely limited my dairy and sugar intake. I drink kombucha because fermented foods are so good for you, and yogurt for probiotics. Fiber is great but do your research first. People swear by yoga, but I haven't given it enough time and energy to say yes or no to that. I know someone who claims acupuncture stopped her flare ups completely. I also love soaking in a super hot tub with epsom salts (if your skin can tolerate that of course). I love smudging the house and journaling through the flare ups.

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