genuine question,, how do i break a hyperfixation so i can sleep?
i finished a book tonight, and i dont have the second or third book in my possession yet, but all i want to do is read those books (which is impossible), and this hyp is keeping me from actually falling asleep. what should i do?

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  • MorganFaire


    Unfortunately I have no recommendations :( I do the same thing though, so you're not alone. Put on as much ambient music/sounds as you can and try deep breathing?

  • Tofu14


    Agreed with the comment about sleep music. Sometimes it helps me to something to get the days thoughts off my mind. Like I’ll watch a nature show or a movie that I’ve already seen before (so I don’t keep watching so I can find out what happens next). After I do that it is easier for me to transition to sleeping. Also, if I lay down and I just want sleep sometimes moving to a different place to sleep like the couch or floor kind of resets things and helps me sleep. I also takes sleep meds which helps a lot. Doing something relaxing like taking a bath helps as well. They make epson salt with melatonin it it which is so relaxing.

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