For 20 years I've struggled with self injury. it's been my main coping mechanism throughout two thirds of my life. I've been safe for a bit longer than 6 months maybe?(I see a therapist and psychiatrist on the reg and am medicated) and I'm finding the only thing that stops me in the last few years is covering my usually locations with beautiful tattoos so I never damage that area again. Anyone else feel the same? I'm in my early 30s now and just feel so alone in my journey sometimes


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  • Rosieroo


    I’m 19 and if I had money I would do the same instead I paint or draw where I want to cut when I want to it helps

  • Empanada


    I’m 19 and just celebrated being 3 years clean. I think what’s really helped me is using rubber bands as flicking or painting and also cutting pieces of paper to try and get the same release. I also owe so much to my therapist and she was talking a while ago about taking care of my arm which I want to hurt and I did that with a tattoo and it seems to be a really nice addition of reasons why I shouldn’t hurt myself but also hasn’t decreased the urges just reminded me of the beauty of my body and why I shouldn’t hurt myself. But I’m so proud of you for being clean for a while and I believe in you!

  • Venti


    Same here, 21 going on 22. I really want to get tattoos to help calm my self-injury urges. Also, really proud of you for staying safe! Keep it up, you're doing amazing! 👍

  • babychicken


    I’ve definitely noticed my urges to self harm subside after I get a tattoo, no matter where it is, bc my body is still receiving the same kind of adrenaline rush/pain

  • XxWatermelonbombxX


    Hey! I also have trouble with that and I’m 20 years old. If you want to talk about it my Instagram is @jafyette

  • nat_


    I’m 21 and I’ve been struggling with self injury for about 6-7 years. I was almost a year clean, but relapsed a little over a week ago. I feel really alone too. I’ve thought about getting tattoos to cover my scars, but honestly I just think that I’ll probably end up cutting again so I shouldn’t waste the money because I’ll damage the tattoo eventually. It’s nice to hear of an adult who is going through the same thing. In my experience, too many people think that self injury is just something that teenagers go through and eventually “grow out of”.

  • DumbJock


    @Venti I’m 22, and tats have surprisingly helped!!! Get big black and white ones and use markers to color them in :)

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