I dont like it when people put a limit on you, and treat you like your disabled... My tremors are in my hands and I cant tell you how many people stare at me cutting something, shooting(im a country girl I hunt), or even as simple as drawing. people put you down and make you feel as though you cant do it.. I am more than capable of opening a jar of pickles, or shooting the buck thats across the field..😡😡

Essential Tremor (ET)

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  • Fernando


    I feel the same!! ET merely means that we suffer from a tremor, it doesn’t imply for any disease! People always ask me if I have Parkinson 😣 such an ignorance

  • mamaKristen


    I get mocked because of it by my family, they fake shake when they see it happening. I don't even eat with my family anymore

  • Mop


    So relatable! People will see me shaking and be like "oh my gosh are you ok? Are you SURE??" Yeah man I just shake. I know this glass of water in my hand is shaking a lot but trust me I am capable of drinking.

  • Catwitch14


    Yes!!! People ask me if im scared all the time and I'm like"...no..i have tremors in my hands..." I know they're trying to be nice but it's sooooooo annoying!!! 😑😑😑

  • 100Percent_K


    The amount of times I’ve had people tell me that I don’t have to be so nervous just because I’m shaking actually makes me so angry. Or people who think I’ll drop things because I’m shaking. Absolutely infuriating, I will ask for help if I need it.

  • Couch_Potato


    I totally get this! Everyone is like “oh are you ok?” or “you don’t have to be nervous” and I’m like IM NOT. It’s so irritating

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