I've recently been struggling a lot. I was put on lexapro recently and about 3 weeks in I had every side effect possible and was more depressed than ever and almost ruined all my relationships my lashing out and isolating myself. I've since been taken off and switched to prozac but I haven't taken it yet. I'm not sure if I just feel I don't need it because I'm more stable now tjen when I was on lexapro or if I'm scared it's going to do the same thing the lexapro did.


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  • Dannkia


    Stop, your in my head, Dude I FEEL THAT lexapro be messing with my energy levels and shit My anxiety been off the roof when I started taking them, especially since I started taking them again. Smoking with it too really sucks cuz my social anxiety comes to a reality sometimes and I break into tears cuz of my anxiety from the pills. So, me and them(pills) aren’t on talking terms at the moment

  • lmh123


    I understand

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