I am trying to get over narcissistic abuse. I still have two siblings that are with both narcissistic parents, and I'm struggling with feeling guilty about it as I have no way to talk to them or keep them safe. I was physically, mentally and verbally abused, and now it is being passed down to the older younger sibling (13 and 10)

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  • Hecate


    I know how you feel completely! Please don’t feel guilty, you have to take care of yourself first, if you can prove the abuse and if you are able you can take your siblings legally from the situation. I am the oldest in my family I have 2 younger brothers and two younger sisters that I raised until we were all separated….

  • weirdestpotato


    Unfortunately I am not able to take care of my two siblings because I just don't have enough money to care for them and provide them a better life. I'm scared to call CPS because I feel like CPS first of all won't do anything, but I also feel like they focus more on physical abuse rather than mental abuse, which my parents are way better at doing than physical abuse. I mean, there's no possible way for me to see them without anyone else getting in trouble too. My sisters are both homeschooled now which my parents have never done. They don't have social media or their own cell phones. I just don't know how to get over the guilt

  • Hecate


    I was in the same situation as you…. It was hard for me for a while.. that happened to me the police, CPS, family never saw the physical abuse or the proof ( until I had a black eye, but then she (my mom) was able to still turn around on me) she was great at mental abuse, threatened my life a few time’s if i told them the truth. I was moved over two thousand miles away from my siblings and they were taken away by CPS, I was abandoned by my father across country with more family that never wanted me either. I always felt like it was my fault that I couldn’t be there to protect them anymore… it’s not your fault, don’t feel guilty! Honestly speaking from personal experience the best thing you can do right now is make sure you start healing! Start getting stronger, because there is going to be a day your siblings are going to break free and come to you for support, and someone they can talk to who they trust. It’s a lot to take it you don’t heal.

  • ZoomiYuumi


    I feel the exact same as you do. You arent alone

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