So does anyone feel bad if they stay at home and do nothing?
I have a bit of perfectionism, and when I stay at home from school or work I feel like I have to be busy basically the whole day. I have to be productive; the only exception is when im bed bound. I'm pretty sure that this is just my anxious thoughts impeating on my brain. But I'm still learning to control my anxiety.
Maybe I need to get ashwagandha pill.

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  • ClumsyWorm


    That's my favorite thing to do.

  • Mushroombabe


    Oh hell yeah I feel so useless even when I’m in pain or something

  • sageblanl


    My issue is I will be too depressed to do anything and then I'll go home and beat myself up over it because I've done nothing. So yeah 😂

  • Bear807


    What’s that pill going to do? Have you tried lions mane

    • shoe


      the pill calms anxiety. No I haven't but ill definitely research it!

  • catlover55


    I feel that

  • TheLonelyPhrawg


    I get that too but it mostly comes from the residual trauma from my mother. She is a narcissistic abuser so she lets no one rest till she can and i feel that pressure and anxiety to be busy even now

  • justyourlocalcryptid


    honestly this has sort of been my life since the pandemic. I just torture myself for no reason and never really get anything done because I’m stuck in this cycle.

  • deardiary


    i would say don’t beat yourself up too much. i also have those days where i sit in bed all day doing nothing, but i feel like having those days once and a while isn’t a bad thing; i think we all need rest and to take our minds off work and/or school. go easy on yourself. :]

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