so I'm not sure if any of ya'll are going to agree with this but my dad wants me to thank him every time he buys my seizure medication so I told him off say "that I don't really have to thank him". Now don't get me wrong I do appreciate him buying my medication I'm not trying to be unappreciative but I just feel like thanking him for the one of the things I hate most in the world is like thanking god for my epilepsy. My parents are always immature assholes anyways always treating me like everything my fault, treating me like a I'm a burden and just one big problem, Like I was the one who asked to be born in the first place. it's times like this when I truly remember why I became so dead and cold because no one but people who are just like me can truly understand what I'm talking about


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  • Ecxlipsegal


    you definitely don’t have to thank him for buying your epilepsy medication because it really is like thanking god for the illness you have, i also have epilepsy. and as far as how your parents treat you, i know how that feels.. makes me sometimes think that they weren’t even ready

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