Hey, Im Jasper. umm-- do you know any coping mechanisms for someone that has no motivation to do anything-?


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  • zzzybeee


    i really wish i could help you with that, im still learning myself, but if you’d like to chat im on instagram :) @zzzybeee

  • ZeldaChick


    I find it really hard to do things too. I have to make things fun for me. Like watch a show while I match socks. I also have a reward system for myself. Every time I did a chore I would get something. Just something small but something that I really want. I started out small like 1 thing of laundry washed and dry, reward. Put it away, reward. And that would be it for the day for me. It's not like that anymore but I still get things done. I also did that with going out. If I went and got my meds, reward. You just have to find something that you really like for your reward. (For me.....Pokémon cards. 😅)

  • SkittlesMeRandom


    Something I read about is to not overwhelm yourself. You don't have to do all the dishes just wash one or two dishes, pick up one or two pieces of trash. Just something small is better than nothing at all. And slowly work your way up.

  • Emrys.the.warrior


    Music 🎶 got to make sure it has the right vibe though. Something up beat

    • slothica


      same here. Music has literally saved my life. I can only get work done when i listen to music (lo-fi and chill step are my go tos).

  • ThePhoenix


    The thing that motivates me is going on YouTube and listening to motivational speakers. There is a really good YouTube channel called motiversity where they post nothing but motivational talks

  • shae


    Music genuinely saved my life. Find some songs that make you a little bit more motivated, some that work for me are, Needed it by rihanna, just dance by Lady gaga, and bad blood by Taylor swift. I hope you find what you need 🤗

  • kiteistired


    I like listening to music or trying to treat what I'm doing like a game so I have a need to "win" and reward myself when I've done something! It's a hard journey and lack of motivation really messes it up but don't forget you've got this and you can always vent here we'll listen :]

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