I have just recently been diagnosed with MS, I start physical therapy in a couple days and the ocrevus treatment next week. Can physical therapy help numbness? And what exactly is a MS flair up? My neurologist did not really tell me anything. I have 2 small children and can barely get around my house anymore, and can't go up stairs..

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  • pandamoniuMS


    MS flare up is when the lesions in your brain are inflamed- usually causing "relapses" What phase of MS were you diagnosed with?

  • a3k


    Flares versus relapses are like waves. So you can be in remission and it may last any amount of time/years flare is when your MS gets exacerbated and your symptoms are just bananas. Hope you find a good rhythm to everything. My sister is on ocrevus, im on tysabri.

  • babyblueeye


    I have been wondering the same myself. I am having trouble going up and down the stairs. My legs hurts and does my feet.

  • Quigley


    Good luck with the physical therapy my doctor sent me to that too but when I got there they said physical therapy is for people that can get better and if you have MS you can't get better but my Ms is progressive primary the worst kind

  • JoranTal


    When my MS flares up I describe it like if you put a rubber band around my chest but the rubber band is way too small.

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