So I just flew for the first time since a kid. It was a painful enough experience then that I've always drove since, but for the sake of a family reunion I flew. The flight was okay until the descent. My nose bled, my ears hurt and became puffy, and I had the sensation of right before you black out though I didn't actually faint. Clogging my ears with earbuds helped a bit and I attempted to drink/swallow a bunch but now the flights been over for 4.5 hours and while I am not COMPLETELY deaf in my right ear anymore, I can't hear running water or people talking if it's on my right side. At all.

Someone taught me how to wriggle your inner ear tubes to release pressure and it hurts significantly less, but still no hearing and the left ear is developing a high pitch ring.

I took a hot shower to decompress and in moments it didn't feel heavy, and I think I could hear a bit better.

Any tips on how I can get my hearing back? My brother experienced this once and he never ever got his hearing back, nor did the pain stop, so I'm cautious but optimistic.

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